Ecology of Practise

Live from Eros

An everyday shadow practice of developing your consciousness and values. It ​​is a lifelong process of curiously exploring and reflecting on yourself, your actions, and your environment. Self-reflection within the eyes of another will make us grow up and constantly become a more authentic version of ourselves. You will form a habit of self-reflection to explore what inner stories create your outer world.

Lead from Eros

A mystical practice for female leaders with the explicit invitation to live turned on, attuned, connected, and responding to the evolutionary impulse of Eros in everyday life. This practice brings you into the mystery and changes the chemistry of your brain, deepening your embodiment and sense of aliveness.

Sensing Meaning from Eros

A psychoactive technology - a group practice to tap into the emergent future.

Welcome to explore the intersubjective field. We become aware of it as we speak from it and bring our attention to it. A field that is always there and at the same time is so easy to miss. From here, we can start noticing the subtle difference between interpersonal and intersubjective awareness and tap into a collective intelligence.

Masterclass Facilitate the Shift

A space holding masterclass for facilitators

5 MONTH JOURNEY - OCT 2021 – MAR 2022
Online retreat on 29th to 31st October

Are you a great facilitator with the desire to unfold your next level of space holding wisdom. Online & Offline.

“This course will work with you in ways you can’t even imagine. Just let go of control and the need to understand, and open up for the unknown”

Sanna Rådelius
Article from a masterclass facilitation client

“Pamela is like no other mentor I have ever worked with. She is extremely sharp with her words, reads the room like no one else and picks up exactly what is really the underlying meaning of my words. Her approach, which combines talking sessions with embodiment and re-programming of behavior, has had a life changing impact on me. I can strongly recommend working with Pamela – in fact, I benefited so much that I just decided to sign up for another year with her, this time focused on pleasure!”  

Stefanie Breuer, Managing Director, Private Equity

Dialogue Training

A dialogical practice for an open society

One year radical mentor process

Nordic Women’s Gathering

Exploring womanhood in the 21 - century
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