Philosophy of Eros

How can we be at service for the emergent future?

Life is movement - an unfolding mystery fueled by Eros - it has its on kind of intelligence.

Eros is a force, a principle that moves the whole universal evolution, the force that fuels the mystery of life.

Some call it source of creation.

The source is eternal and universal.

It is based on the principles, it surrounds, interconnects and organizes the evolutionary process in the direction of more complexity, prosperity, grace and beauty.

Another principle, it is communicating two us through our deepest desires, that is the language of the evolutionary impulse of Eros.

We are in the face of a possibility in the midst of the global meta crisis. To leap in human consciousness development where we can become self aware of this evolutionary process. To be conscious creators and co creators of the emergent future

When we as individuals and groups take the power of choice and allow us to be re-embed and interconnected with the wholeness and from there being in service of the emergent future.

That's where we live, lead and create from the evolutionary impulse, Eros itself.

Allowing us to get out of the way and turn up to that collaboration life wanted to establish with us from the very first beginning.

Don’t ask her how it works. She doesn't know. Pamela has spent most of her life practicing to connect to it, get out of the way, to sense, live, lead, create and dialogue from it.

What she found so far is an ecology of practice, a personal, interpersonal and  group psychoactive technology that allows us to cultivate a collective skill of shared awareness. A new gravity point in our consciousness that taps into the emergent future.

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