The Ecology of Evolutionary Eros
Pamela von Sabljar is a new breed speaker, facilitator, and mentor working at the evolutionary edge. She practices dialoguing, sensing, creating, and leading from this ever-emergent edge. She calls this Living from Eros.

How can we be of service to our emergent future?

Life is unpredictable, uncertain, and unknown.
We are fast adapters, resilient, designed to skillfully navigate life.

How can we become a thriving unit with a capacity for effective mobilization - while we maintain our unity and still remain a part of a cohesive whole?

Pamela invites you to a radical perspective, a mindset, a collective psychoactive technology that will take your leadership and organization to a place of more wholeness, creativity, and embodied wisdom.

How can we show up for that collaboration that life has wanted to establish with us from the very beginning?

Praise for Pamela

Alexander Beiner
Rebell Wisdom

“Pamela von Sabljar is a global speaker, facilitator and author. She was head facilitator at the Rebel Wisdom Summit and one of the most sensitive and skilled facilitators we've worked with. She's explored deeply what it means to create an emergent space in a group.”

Elise LillIehöök
Board professional & Co-CEO 29k

“I have had the immense pleasure to experience the deep work of Pamela in various roles over many years - as a facilitator, mentor, space holder and woman of wisdom. Her deep presence and wisdom connected to life force gives her the ability to listen beyond words and gently but bravely guide a room to their own authenticity- no matter if said room consists of two or hundreds of people. I have seen her unlock potential and loosen inter relational knots. She is wise, powerful and intuitive. I deeply respect and highly recommend her work.”

Tomas Björkman
Social Entrepreneur & Author

“Pamela  has a deep understanding for the need for a new leadership and facilitation that the present societal transformation demands of us. She has led a number of difficult emergent processes, both at larger conferences/gatherings as well as in organizations. I can highly recommend Pamela if you are looking for someone to hold difficult and transformative processes. Her capacity to hold intensity in a grounded and courageous way is extraordinary”

Thomas Steininger
Publisher Evolve Magazin

“Pamela von Sabljar´s presence opens the space. When you see her on stage working as a facilitator, when you see her on screen in a Zoom-meeting, what one recognizes is a transmission, an energy; eros, as she calls it. It seems that this transmission comes not so much from what Pamela does, more from how she does it. This is a remarkable gift.”

Ecology of practice

Live from Eros

An everyday shadow practice of developing your consciousness and values. It ​​is a lifelong process of curiously exploring and reflecting on yourself, your actions, and your environment. Self-reflection within the eyes of another will make us grow up and constantly become a more authentic version of ourselves. You will form a habit of self-reflection to explore what inner stories create your outer world.

Lead from Eros

A mystical practice for female leaders with the explicit invitation to live turned on, attuned, connected, and responding to the evolutionary impulse of Eros in everyday life. This practice brings you into the mystery and changes the chemistry of your brain, deepening your embodiment and sense of aliveness.

Sensing Meaning from Eros

A psychoactive technology - a group practice to tap into the emergent future.

Welcome to explore the intersubjective field. We become aware of it as we speak from it and bring our attention to it. A field that is always there and at the same time is so easy to miss. From here, we can start noticing the subtle difference between interpersonal and intersubjective awareness and tap into a collective intelligence.

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